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Do you have some extra time of in the april and do you like it to organize an event with 15.000 pedestrians, do not hesitate to contact us and enlist!

Duinenmars in numbers

  • 638

    The event will took place in The Haque but that will not means that all of our clients will live there. A whopping 638 cities, towns and villages all over The Netherlands has some Duinenmars lovers into it.

  • 168

    De Laan van Meerdervoort is not only the longest lane of the Netherlands, it will also has the most of our fans living over there. 168 citizen will walk right through the dunes!

  • 11.500

    For the hail and glory of our fans. 11.500 walkers are yearly decorated with a pin or medal.

  • 170

    The Dutch Scouting socity is a close friend. Did you know that 170 Scouting groups all over the country travel to the dunes for a great walk?

  • 15

    Schoolkids needs more then a little inspiration form their tutors. What they also needs is a great portion of transpiration. And 15 schools within the region are happy to get the transpiration from us.

  • 660

    Real diehards will walk 25 or more kilometres. 660 of our fans will do the longshot in the dunes!

  • 130

    Everyone will need a friend. Luckily the Duinenmars has 130 friends to help us organize this event. You will find our friends at the bar, the playground, along the route and near the cashdesk.

  • 13.000

    Every year we will mobilize a small army. 13.000 pedestrians will walk through the dunes.

  • 12

    Our fans are living in every province of the Netherlands. That makes 12 our last number!


Richard Leloux


Sandra Buitendijk


Hanno Paul van Maanen


Michelle van der Pal

Public Relations

Stephan Grootveld


Marcel Beenen

Route Coördinator

Rick Ek