This may be present up to 3 April 2019.

There are two digital registration forms:

       1. For groups (click on the link to the form).
       Groups must have a minimum of 12 persons.

       2. For individuals (click on the link to the form)

After completing the form please send a digital copy of this will be sent to you.
Would you bring the form to log in the start tent on the walking itself!

The entry fee € 5,00 per person behaves with medal / rating and € 4.00 per person without a medal / number. At enrollment, a discount of € 1.00 (€ 4,00 per person with medal / rating and € 3.00 per person with no medal / number). For holders of a Ooievaarspas a discount of 50% on the above prices. And also the Zoetermeermeerpas you get 50% discount from your paying

Do not forget the final task card (print of the digital form) to carry.

We wish you a nice walk!

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