De Duinenmars will start in Kijkduin (The Haque) on the Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan. Because of the lack of parkinglots we will ask everyone to take public transport to the start location. There is a good connection with both trainstations in the centre of The Haque as well with the busstation on Leyenburg.

Traveling from Zoetermeer can be done with Randstad Rail 3.

Central Station
Traveling from Central Station can be done with Randstad Rail 3 or bus 24.

Station Hollands Spoor
Traveling from Station Hollands Spoor can be done with bus 26.

Busplatform Leyenburg
Traveling from the busplatform Leyenburg (with connection to the Westland and Schiedam) can be done with bus 23 and bus 24.

You should always check your actual traveling information on 9292ov.

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