Duinenmars Foundation

The Duinenmars is an initiative that started in the early fifties of the last century to collect money for scouting youth with a handicap and for scouting activities in the province Zuid-Holland.
Since the late seventies there is a possibility for other scouting organizations to apply for subsidy as well. The donated money must be used for scouting activities.

To get the highest possible yield, the Duinenmars is set up as a foundation. The board consists of eight people who are not remunerated. Furthermore, there is a volunteer list of about 150 people. Obviously, these volunteers do their work without giving them a monetary reward for it. Because there are no personnel costs, only the most necessary organizational costs such as rent tents etc., the proceeds to be distributed is high. Over the past 20 years the Duinenmars has donated over 200.000 euro.