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From February the online registration for the upcoming Duinenmars is open.
You can also register during the march days, at the registration office.

Online pre-registration:
Online pre-registration:
Registration on start site:
Registration on start site:

€ 4,00 with medal/digit 
€ 3,00 without medal/digit 
€ 5,00 with medal/digit 
€ 4,00 without medal/digit

Participants who own an Ooievaarspas or a Zoetermeerpas get 50% off.

No pre-registration is not required. When you pre-register you will receive a discount of € 1,00 and on the day of walking you can immediately report to the registration desk. 

You can also register on the day you deside to walk.

Yes, you can register. If your group consists of more then twelve people use the registration form for groups. Are there less dan twelve people than you can use the registration form for individuals.

No, there is no fixed maximum number of participants for the Duinenmars

Yes, if you want to participate in the Duinenmars you pay a small registration fee. These amounts will be around € 5, - per person.

If you wish to participate without getting a medal or a digit the registration fee is € 1,00 lower than when you participate and get a medal afterwards.

If you have not received a confirmation after registering, please contact us via and enter the following information to us:
Your name / group name
Your zip code and house number
The payment reference on your bank statement of the iDeal payment

If after completion of your registration you want to change something you can do so in the following ways:

If you want to add extra hikers:
Unfortunately this is not possible, you must submit a new enrollment for these additional hikers and take  BOTH registration numbers with you to the event.

If you want to make a change in the medals:
You must send an email to please metion your registration number and the change you wish to make.

If you want to change your walking day day or distance:
We don't need to know this in advance. You can mention the changes on the hiking day.

Contact services through In you e-mail please mention the adjustment(s) that need to be made.
You will NOT receive a new registration confirmation after the adjustment of your data.

Yes, you can pay by card (pin) at the registration and catering.

Yes, the 5 and 10 kilometer routes also have a route that is suitable for people who use a wheelchair / walker / scooter.

The other distances have no special route, they are less suitable for wheelchairs / walkers / scooters.

No, you can decide which day you want to go hiking.

5 km * 
10 * en 15 km 
25 km 
40 km
from 09.00 till 15.00
from 09.00 till 14.00
from 08.30 till 11.00
from 08.00 till 10.00

You can finish both days until 17:00

* Distance also suitable for participants with strollers and wheelchairs.

Yes, it can. But on the short distances it is desirable to keep the dog's leash on. This in connection with the traffic on the route.
The municipality does not always allow your dog to run loose, so please be aware of this

Did you know that it is also possible to register your dog as a walker and get a medal or badge for him/her?!

The Duinenmars respects your privacy. We acknowledge your need to control the personal information which is known by the Duinenmars. Personal information is any information that can be traced to your person. The Duinenmars uses this information for administrative and statistical purposes only, in connection with your participation in the Duinenmars. The Duinenmars mentions this privacy statement in order to alert you to our privacy policy when you choose to give your personal information to us. We see to it that it is followed within our foundation. The Duinenmars will not provide your personal information to other parties or make it otherwise available. The Duinemars is committed to guarantee the security of your personal information. The Duinenmars is in favor of self-regulation in the area of privacy. We focus on what is issued by government agencies, as well as consumer organizations which deal with the protection of consumer privacy.

Yes, you can buy a new medal/digit at the medal tabel during the march days. After the Duinenmars please contact

During the Duinenmars please report to an employee in the main tent. After the Duinenmars please contact

Parking at Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan - THE HAGUE / KIJKDUIN.

Accessible by:




HTM bus 24 from Hague Central Station
HTM bus 26 from Hague Hollands spoor

A4 The Hague South Exit (Exit 12)
Follow signs Kijkduinpark. ZIP 2555NW.
(There is limited parkingspace available)

Yes, on the long distances there are several places where you can use the restroom (coffeehouses / scouting building). There are also restrooms near the main grounds.

Yes, there is a first aid post on the main grounds and there are several first aid posts/bikers en route. The emergency number can be found underneath your directions.

Yes, the Duinemars goes on as usual unless there is an extreme weather forecast. In that case it wil be communicated via the website and social media.