A presentation on the Duinenmars

A few tips:

* Start on time! Do not wait until the last minute preparations.

* Begin by explaining why you talk about the Dunes Mars does, what do you like about it.

* Ask for help. Maybe someone at home to help with the preparations.

* It is also good to practice at home with "public". Ask what went well and what could be improved!

* Let see what! A Duinenmars Medal or a picture says a lot.

* On the website lots of information and a whole series of photos.


What is the Duinenmars?

How it started. Duinenmars  is a walking march each year on two days (Saturday and Sunday) will be held. It began in 1952 when the first march was organized by the leadership of the Scouting Admiral de Ruijter. Over 3,000 participants ran this march and were rewarded with a medal learn! The march is now 64 years old. Children of ten years, then walked the march, now 66 years. They often walk the march again with their grandchildren.

Numbers runners. In recent years the number of participants varies between 13000 and 15000. Naturally it makes a lot when the weather is bad. Then only the tough walkers. In 2016 the march on Saturday 9 and Sunday, April 10. On both days can be run on the 5, 10, 15, 25 and 40 kilometers. 40 km is very far! You need to really trained. This distance is often run by walkers who train for participation in the Nijmegen Marches.

Start Terrain. The start is at the parking lot at the Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan in Kijkduin. The start area is always a great atmosphere! It looks like a mini-market, where everything is for sale. Participating is easy. You can pre-register via the website, but you can also just come to the starting area. In the tent there are a lot of people who help you. You get a punch card and directions and you walk along the march. You come after the walk back to the start site and in the big tent you get a well deserved medal.

Rewards. The leather medal then, is a metal coin. When you first run the Duinenmars , you get a medal. The second time you get a metal 2 pin you in the ribbon of the medal can sting. Then you get a 3 and 4. If you are running for the fifth time you get a new medal, which is different than the first. We call this an anniversary medal. Then it starts with 6, 7, etc. The medal you get after walking has nothing to do with running mileage to make! A group or class of at least 12 participants, after getting a group prize every year is different.

Fame. Duinenmars  is the largest march walking in the Randstad. In 2007, for the first time a special route for Nordic Walkers, you know, walking with sticks! Many people have ever walked the Duinenmars or at least know what the Duinenmars.

What happens with the money? Each participant pays a fee. There are first of all expenses paid. If after running a medal, which of course must be paid to the factory, which makes them. Annually there are more than 12,000 medals that are awarded. Every year there are also people who have no medal. They run for fun, to the beautiful trails, or to practice for example, the marches or long walks. Yet they also have (smaller) amount. Every year again the most beautiful routes chosen and everyone who is walking has some special directions. Every year, for the different distances in total some 10,000 routes printed. We also need a rented tent, where you can sign and where the start. And if necessary, there is also a toiletwagen on the ground.

Volunteers. The people who help each year with the organization and the people of the emergency, do all this work voluntarily. What do these volunteers? Tickets sell off the route with arrows, move the cards cut as control. They get paid nothing. They take their own packed lunch. But more than 100 people a day getting the organization have an occasional cup of coffee or tea and a cup of soup. Especially if you're outside all day, it can be very cold, and then something nice and warm. Every weekend, more than 2000 cups of coffee, tea and soup were distributed. More costs. Mars begins before the dunes are also all costs. Think of all the letters sent to the runners of the previous year. We also send letters to schools, scouting groups and other associations. Altogether more than 10,000 envelopes, which, again by volunteers on a day filled with information and be brought to the post.

Advertising. Then, there is also promoted. We make posters, those people behind the window can hang, and there are scattered over very large billboards Hague, where the Duinenmars is announced.

Money that remains. Half goes to the disabled. Yet there remains a lot of money. This is again given away to charity. We give money to a deaf and a number of scouting groups, which many disabled members. They have more money than ordinary scout. For example, think of a camp for wheelchair users. There is often a separate buses necessary to transport and custom game materials are often more expensive than for children who do not have disabilities.

The other half of the money that remains is for other activities. Usually a number of scouting groups together who organize a big activity, such as competitive swimming. If you need to hire a pool will cost that much money. There fore, the Duinenmars than an amount so that the swimmers have to pay less. But it can also be a school for disabled children who organizes workweeks and receive a contribution. The important thing is that it is an activity for children or young people who otherwise might not proceed because it is too expensive.

Anyone who wants money from the Duinenmars, this should apply well in advance and thereby make a budget. It stands for who it is, what the costs are and what everyone who participates must pay. If the activity has been to the Duinenmars then know how it went and what it really has cost. In this way, always be considered where the money is spent.

Lots of money was divided. In the last twenty years is thus more than € 200.000,00 to such activities given.The first Duinenmars  is organized by a scouting. That bond with scouting is still there. In our statutes, that the rules which we must keep is therefore that we be giving money to scout groups, schools and other associations, a bit near it. This means that a group in South Holland and Utrecht have money can apply, but a group from Groningen Limburg or not, for example. Photos that you can use for your presentation: (click the right mouse button on the photo and choose the option - save as -)


logo geel-groen




The logo of the Duinenmars

Medals of the Duinenmars    


Photo of Duinenmars 1959

The Start Tent Duinenmars